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bella carrfit Avatar
Such a lovely office, great doctor and amazing staff! Everyone is super nice, welcoming and very attentive. I have never waited more than 5 mins in the waiting room. It’s a super super small office with only 3 people who are like family. Would highly recommend anyone to come here!
bella carrfit 3/07/2023
Kathrine Rickerd Avatar
I can't say enough good things about this office! I've been coming here for over 20 years. Low keyed.Thorough in cleaning teeth. I even had a root canal. No problems to speak of. Definitely can recommend.
Kathrine Rickerd 10/05/2022
Jillian Avatar
Excellent service all around. I absolutely hate going to the dentist but Dr. Stasny is very gentle and patient. I never got the “you’re going to die if you don’t floss” talk, everything was straightforward and I was in and out quickly. I had a filling come out on a Wednesday and he was able to get me in at the end of the day on a Friday extending his hours to help me out that day.

Dr. Stasny is a supporter of finding a cure for ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease, I truly appreciate his advocacy for this disease that has affected my family. Great guy all around and my entire family goes to him.
Jillian 10/05/2022
chicago1 Avatar
Dr Stasny and staff are the best! I made the mistake of going with the cheaper HMO ins instead of PPO(Stasny is PPO) twice and regretted it both times. The quality of the HMO dentists that I found did not compare and the overall cost was much more. Live and Learn.
chicago1 5/26/2022
Y Powers Avatar
I have been coming to Dr. Stasney for a few years. All my life suffered hugely anxiety and avoided the dentist unless necessary. Now I go every six months because he is the gentlest, no nonsense affordable dentist providing what I need. If you don’t have insurance you can trust he will take good care of you. Friendly reception and dental assistants makes for a pleasant experience. I moved 30 miles away but he is worth the trip!
Y Powers 1/31/2022
Don Kirsch Avatar
Grateful for the caring and professional attention.
Don Kirsch 1/25/2022
Kathy Tavano Avatar
With Stasny Dental, I have found a new dental home! I didn't think it would be possible after my dentist of 25 years retired, but STASNY DENTAL IS GREAT!
Kathy Tavano 12/07/2021
Rodney Adkison Avatar
Always friendly and efficient service.
Rodney Adkison 12/03/2021
Jay Griffey Avatar
I have been going to this place for many years. Dr. Stasny is a wonderful and caring Dentist he has always made me feel comfortable even though I hate going to the dentist and answer any questions I may have about my oral care. The staff is also very nice and helpful.
Jay Griffey 10/01/2021
Stacy Sorrells Avatar
I had a great experience at Stasny Dental today. The staff was wonderful and I was in and out in no time. I couldn’t be happier with Dr. Stasny. He is amazing. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Stacy Sorrells 8/16/2021
Robyn Darley Avatar
I am so happy to have found Stasny Dental! I’ve been going here for several years. Even when I did not live nearby, I still made the trip to visit Dr. Stasny. I can’t imagine going to another dentist.

Stasny Dental gives the best personal care. It isn’t an overly large practice. The staff know you. It has a family feel. I feel comfortable in the office, and I never feel stressed for my appointments.

Thank you to the whole staff who always take great care of me!
Robyn Darley 7/29/2021
Carolyn Greig Avatar
Absolutely love Stasny Dental!! Everyone is kind, Dr. Stasny is gentle and friendly! We switched from our old dentist and could not be more happy with the change!
Carolyn Greig 6/24/2021
chicago1 Avatar
Dr Stasny and staff are the best ! I made the mistake of going with the cheaper premium HMO ins instead of PPO(Stasny is PPO) twice and regretted it both times. The quality of the HMO dentists that I found did not compare and the overall cost was much more. Live and Learn.
chicago1 5/07/2021
Carrie Liu Avatar
Dr Stasny is a great dentist. I’ve even moved further away in the metroplex and still go to see him. He’s efficient, thorough and always gives high quality care. The office is well maintained and my teeth always feel so much better after a visit.
Carrie Liu 4/21/2021
Lisa M Ricehouse Avatar
The "VERY BEST" Dental Office I have ever been to. Great Customer Service and the Doctor is so Awesome. So kind, calm and Professional. Would recommend to everyone I know.
Lisa M Ricehouse 4/20/2021
Tracy Graham Avatar
Great staff! Every visit we get in quickly. We highly recommend Dr. Stasny!
Tracy Graham 4/20/2021
Yousuf Hassan Avatar
Been going to Dr. Stasny for multiple years. He is a nice guy and does all the cleanings himself.
Yousuf Hassan 4/02/2021
Stephanie Christoffers Avatar
I was so relieved at the ease of making my appointment as a new patient, I was in and out in an 1 1/2 and got my cleaning same day! Great Dr. and great staff, highly recommend for anyone but especially someone who has a busy schedule.
Stephanie Christoffers 1/22/2021
Yvonne Stewart Avatar
Always timely, professional and I love their team! Music is always cool too!!
Yvonne Stewart 1/22/2021
Tim Howell Avatar
The staff at Stasny Dental are fantastic! I was able to get into the office right on time (with a mask) and the exam was done quickly. I do recommend Dr. Stasny and my family likes everyone there too.
Tim Howell 1/06/2021
Jerry Galler Avatar
Dr. Stasney has been my dentist for almost a decade and even though we moved from Highland Village to The Colony, I still am a loyal patient and have’t even considered changing dentists. Not only is he the best but his staff is friendly and efficient.
Jerry Galler 12/07/2020
Vincent Stewart Avatar
I was always a little uneasy about going to the dentist office but from day one Dr Stasny made me feel comfortable. I even have my kids going to him and they also love him.
Vincent Stewart 11/24/2020
Kayla Avatar
I’ve always had major anxiety about going to the dentist, however from the moment I walked into Dr Stasny’s office it seemed to fade away. He and his staff are SO friendly and personable. They talked with me to make me feel better and know everything is ok. I highly recommend anyone go see them as you won’t be disappointed.
Kayla 10/20/2020
susan dotson Avatar
Always wonderful. Susan dotson’s
susan dotson 10/07/2020
brian hubbard Avatar
Great staff always a pleasure coming in to get worked on. ?
brian hubbard 10/07/2020
William Canova Avatar
My family has been a patient of doctor Stasny for over 14 years now and we can’t say enough good things about his practice.He’s extremely gentle and does a great job. I genuinely hate going to the dentist but in all these years none of us have had any trouble with the work done by Dr. Stasny.Other things. On appointment day, it’s rare to have to wait in the waiting room. On those few occasions when there was a wait, it couldn’t have been over a 10 minute wait.
William Canova 10/07/2020
Aricia Blasko Avatar
Our entire family has been a patient of Dr Stasny for over 15 years! Amazing and kind! Pays attention to changes in your dental health and is thorough. Dr Stasny doesn't try to upsell you on procedures you don't need!!Highly recommend!! Oh...and there is never a wait!! 20 minutes for cleaning!
Aricia Blasko 9/07/2020
Theresa Burgin Avatar
You can't beat the friendly staff & our visits are always fast & thurough.
Theresa Burgin 8/07/2020
N. Loera Avatar
Stasny Dental was amazing! I had a dental emergency and they quickly handled the situation. The nurses and the doctor were extremely nice. This made me feel comfortable and safe. I knew I had made the right choice picking him as my dentist.
N. Loera 7/28/2020
konjet Hareg Avatar
The best dental care I have ever received. I and my son have been going to them more than 15 years. Staff is very friendly, honest and straight forward. No unneeded procedures ever recommended. On time, minimal wait time if any.
Undoubtedly the best dental experience I have ever had. Highly recommend. Located in Flower Mound Texas.
konjet Hareg 7/25/2020
Jeri Wright Avatar
The best dental office in Flower Mound. I went yesterday for my semi annual cleaning. Was a bit nervous being my 1st visit since the pandemic. They made me feel safe, calm & cared for as usual & took every precaution possible to ensure my safety and for him & his staff as well. Not to mention, he actually does your cleaning & does root canals reasonably priced so no need for referral to an oral surgeon. I've been his patient for 9 years now & love this dental practice in every way!
Jeri Wright 7/23/2020
Holly Zenner Avatar
Always patient kind and professional!
Holly Zenner 7/07/2020
Savannah Mitcham Avatar
I found Stasny through flower Mound cares page. I went mainly to get a second opinion Dr. Stasny and his staff are caring and communicated with me and did not tell me I needed unnecessary treatment,. They were straightforward and prom05 , Just an all around comfortable experience, I will continue going to Stasny for my future dental care.
Savannah Mitcham 7/07/2020
Billis Champion Avatar
Got a filling this morning with Angie and she did an amazing job. She made me feel welcomed and put all my concerns about dental work hurting at ease. You'll be in good hands at Stasny Dental.
Billis Champion 6/07/2020
I love America Avatar
Since 2003 my family has enjoyed the best dental service one would wish for at Stasny Dental.
I love America 6/07/2020
Amanda Stewart Avatar
As someone who anxiety about the dentist and has not been to one in quite awhile I am very pleased to say Dr. Stasny and his AMAZING staff made me feel very comfortable and at ease.
Amanda Stewart 6/07/2020
Malachi Ewbank Avatar
I was able to get in for my spring cleaning at Stasny Dental this week and was so grateful for the care and cleanliness of the office! Dr. Stasny has been my dentist for well over a decade and has always been extremely professional and courteous every time I go for my cleanings; his office staff are second to none. I’m more of the pragmatist so I like the fact that the office is a conventional dentist’s office and not a spa-like atmosphere. I’m also very grateful that when my appointment is scheduled for a designated time, I’m seated in the chair at the appointed time...always! I would definitely recommend Stasny Dental.
Malachi Ewbank 6/07/2020
Adele Meistre Avatar
Highly professional and very friendly service at Dr Stasny. No waiting with other patients in the reception. You arrive and go straight in. Well organized. I highly recommend!
Adele Meistre 6/07/2020
Maria Rios Avatar
I had an excellent experience with Dr Stasny and his super friendly staff today! I didn’t have dental insurance but they have a very affordable plan that basically pays for itself! The attention and knowledgeable team won me over! I am glad I now have a great dentist!
Maria Rios 3/07/2020
Ken Faris Avatar
Dr. Stasny has been my dentist since 2008. He and his staff have always taken care of me well. Appointments have always been easy to get, a live person always answers the phone. In the case of an emergency where I needed a crown, I was given an expedited appointment within hours of my call and the process was started. I have never been in when Dr. Stasny did not personally come in and examine my teeth himself, even if nothing more than a routine cleaning. Even when we moved 2 hours away, I have still maintained Dr. Stasny as my dentist. When you find a good, thoughtful provider who treats you with care and diligence, then you have found someone worth sticking with. It’s hard to find that personal service in today’s insurance driven market where it’s more about quantity of patients than it is about good doctoring. Give Dr. Stasny a call and you I’ll find out what I’m talking about, going to the dentist can be a good experience.
Ken Faris 2/07/2020
Susan Cook Avatar
We have been patients with Dr. Stasny and staff for years. They do a great job with routine work, and emergency events. Now our children and grandkids are patients there, too. I recommend them highly!
Susan Cook 2/07/2020
Jan Zwerver Avatar
Great, ethical dentist! Thank you for the years of great work!
Jan Zwerver 2/07/2020
Gayla Barrow Avatar
My husband and I have used Stasny Dental for years on the recommendation of our daughter. We both have dental offices that are closer to us, but we will not even consider changing dentists. Appointments are always prompt, and the care is thorough and gentle. The office staff is wonderful. Love Stasny Dental!!
Gayla Barrow 2/07/2020
Breanna Luna Avatar
The doctor and assistants are always very kind and i think the best past of my visits is i never have to wait. Even if I’m running late or forgot what time, they are always professional and get me in without a worry.
Breanna Luna 1/07/2020
Gavin Waters Avatar
Just had my checkup. Such a relaxed easy experience. I walked out of there smiling with lovely clean teeth. Thanks Stasny Dental.
Gavin Waters 1/07/2020
Pete Riojas Avatar
Very Professional
Pete Riojas 1/07/2020
D Lorraine C Avatar
Awesome, friendly and attentive to your personal requests and needs, and let me not forget honest, regarding the best care for me including procedures at an adorable price. I've been been a satisfied & loyal patient for 15 years and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. They've become family. They will become your family as well.
D Lorraine C 1/07/2020
Robyn Darley Avatar
I am so happy to have found Stasny Dental! I’ve been going here for several years even though I no longer live nearby. I can’t imagine going to another dentist. My family goes here now too and feel the same. Thank you to the whole staff who always take great care of me.
Robyn Darley 1/07/2020
PostNet TX171 Avatar
Dr. Stasny and his staff are so caring, compassionate, and take the time to listen to the patient's needs and concerns. My entire family has been patients since they opened and will continue to see them. Can't say enough great words about this practice!!! Thanks for all you do!!!
PostNet TX171 1/07/2020
Nancy Burhans Avatar
My family has gone to Dr. Stasny for about 10 years. Dr. Stasny and his office are the best. He is very informed and up to date on dental procedures and confident in his expertise. He also has a large group of dental professionals that he uses for referrals. His staff is polite and efficient.
Nancy Burhans 1/07/2020
Samantha Causseaux Avatar
My entire family (and several friends and coworkers) has seen Dr. Stasny for about 10 years (maybe more). The entire team is wonderful! Dr. Stasny is very calming and understanding. I've never waited more than a few minutes and that was with the staff dealing with a separate emergency (I usually don't even sit down, we just go right back because they're prepared. This is a big deal to me - it just makes me more anxious to wait). I wouldn't consider going anywhere else. Definitely a great group!
Samantha Causseaux 1/07/2020
Bo Burgin Avatar
Whole family has been going there for years. Great people and service.
Bo Burgin 1/07/2020
Ruby Slipper Avatar
My fiance and I had a recent change in dental insurance and after reviews from several sites on Dr. Stasny we decided to give him a try. I have to say we made a great choice. We were both able to be seen at the same time within a week of our call. The office is clean, the staff is friendly and efficient. Dr. Stasny does the cleanings himself and has a VERY gentle hand and quiet demeanor which is a plus if you have dental anxiety. Best part was he didnt try to convince us we needed tons of dental work like some dentists or push a bunch of unnecessary products. Dr. Stasny will be our dentist for a long time to come.
Ruby Slipper 1/07/2020
Joeli engel Avatar
My family of 6 has been going to Dr. Stasny for over 10 years and are very happy. He is an excellent dentist and takes great care of his patients. The staff is always welcoming, very efficient and thorough. Zero wait time and easy to schedule. 5 stars for sure!
Joeli engel 1/07/2020
Kathy Tavano Avatar
One of the things I look for in someone that will be treating me is honesty and integrity. You'll find them at Stasny Dental!!!
Kathy Tavano 1/07/2020
Melynda Owens Avatar
Stasny Dental is a great choice for a dentist's office. Everyone is friendly and knowledgable. The longest I've ever had to wait is about 5-10 mins, but it's usually no wait. They take great care of my teeth and even have Saturday appointments. I have been going here since I moved to the area in 2008.
Melynda Owens 1/07/2020
Aracely Alvarez Avatar
Love coming here for our check ups and cleanings. We are always greeted with an amazing friendly staff who are always ready to go and helpful from the moment we walk in. Thank you Stasny Dental for making our smiles the best they have ever been!!
Aracely Alvarez 1/07/2020
Mujtaba Syed Hassan Avatar
I have been going to Dr. Stasny for several years. He is very professional and honest dentist. He does not try to recommend extra and unnecessary things.Over the years he has done several procedures on me and all of them were done very well.
Mujtaba Syed Hassan 1/07/2020
Cristina Ubing Avatar
I had an emergency and I was seen immediately. Thanks Dr Stasny!!!!
Cristina Ubing 1/07/2020
John Van Curen Avatar
We’ve been seeing Dr Stasny for 15+ years and can’t say enough about his team and him. They’re the best.Happy family of 4 with perfect teeth. ;)John, Heather, Macy and Mia
John Van Curen 1/07/2020
Vladimir Karamzin Avatar
Great place for whole family! Very experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff in the office. Highly recommended!!!
Vladimir Karamzin 1/07/2020
Darren Ladner Avatar
Best dentist I ever had. Even when I had different insurance that Dr. Stasny did not accept, that did not deter me to go elsewhere. I stayed with him. Staff is great!
Darren Ladner 1/07/2020
Valery Hardy Avatar
What a great dentist! Dr Stasny is efficient, affordable, kind and skilled. The staff is also friendly and considerate.
Valery Hardy 1/07/2020
Love this office! Always friendly and never try to up sell me with things I don’t really need.
Alpna Mehta Avatar
Love Dr. Stasny and his office staff.
Alpna Mehta 1/07/2020
Marinell Kukis Avatar
Very professionally run office. Have been using Dr. Stasny for about 9 years and have been very satisfied with our service from him and his staff.
Marinell Kukis 1/07/2020
Angela Bergquist Avatar
Dr. Stasny and his staff are wonderful!
Angela Bergquist 1/07/2020
Lori Putnam Avatar
Highly recommend Stasny. We had a different dentist in Flower Mound try to up-sell us on unneeded procedures, but Dr. S is old-school, and acts like a trusted health professional. He honors appointment times, takes care of our teeth, and we are very satisfied with his service.
Lori Putnam 1/07/2020
Richard Kurjan Avatar
My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Stasny and his team for about 15 years. They all have been friendly, professional, courteous, efficient and cost conscious with respect to patient situations. I would highly recommend Stasny Dental without reservation.
Richard Kurjan 1/07/2020
Mel ML Avatar
Dr. Stasny DDS is The Best in Dentistry! Location, staff and his calm and professionalism cannot be matched. If you are looking for the best, he’s D. Robert John Stasny in Flower Mound (bordering Highland Village). ??- M Lima.
Mel ML 1/07/2020
Debby Reece Avatar
Love the people and the dentist is wonderful and I am very happy with the work he has done on my teeth. Very affordable
Debby Reece 1/07/2020
Joe Trevino Avatar
Absolutely amazing customer service . Dr Stasny and staff (Rose/Valerie) went above and beyond my expectations. Quick and painless — they made the process easy and Dr Stasny was very attentive to my needs. Now I get to enjoy my Fourth of July weekend pain-free
Joe Trevino 1/07/2018